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Africa to China with Love: A Lifelong Missional Adventure

Africa to China with Love: A Lifelong Missional Adventure

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Called to China as a ten-year-old, who could have imagined the exciting outworking of that call—four decades travelling to every corner of the ‘Middle Kingdom’, encountering many of China’s people groups, being caught up in dramatic (and sometimes traumatic) events, and seeing God at work! Peter Anderson shares many remarkable, life-changing testimonies from his years living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the PRC.

"Peter Anderson’s unique journey spans the decades since China’s door first began reopening to the outside world, an era of unprecedented change… A skilful storyteller, Peter weaves together this unfolding narrative with personal anecdotes of God’s amazing work revealed in the lives of students, entrepreneurs, peasants, officials, and modern-day heroes of the faith… a highly engaging account." - Dr Brent Fulton – Founder, China Source

"What a narrative! And how well Peter has woven a rich tapestry of personal memories, ethnography, a close-up of organisations Friends of China and Jian Hua Foundation, and much else! … The photos alone are stunning." - Dr G. Wright Doyle – Director, China Institute, Editor, Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity

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